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The Rhode Island Blockchain Council (RIBC) envisions a future where the potential of blockchain technology is fully realized and harnessed by individuals, communities, and organizations in Rhode Island. To achieve this, we aim to raise awareness and educate the community on the intricacies of blockchain technology, and to promote friendly regulations that enable the growth of organizations and projects in the state.


Promote, support, and advance blockchain innovation in Rhode Island.

Leadership Team

Christopher Perrotta, Chairman

Mr. Perrotta has a background in accounting, having worked for the State of Rhode Island for over five years.

In addition, he is also passionate about teaching informal classes on cryptocurrency technology. He believes that this technology has enormous potential to transform the financial industry, and he is excited about its future.

Finally, he is particularly interested in the role that blockchain technology will play in the financial sector, as he views it as the future of transactions and data management.

Arnell Milhouse; President, CTO, Board Director

Mr. Milhouse is a notable figure in the fields of technology education, entrepreneurship, and blockchain technology. He is the CEO and co-founder of CareerDevs Computer Science Institute and Dev Accelerator, where he has invented the concept of “Venture Code Capital” and successfully develops new software engineers in just 12 months. Milhouse has successfully placed over 100 of his developer acolytes into well-paying careers and has made education accessible to traditional non-consumers of post-secondary education. He has also made significant contributions to companies and startups looking to hire tech talent by reducing hiring ratios.

Milhouse has served as the Entrepreneur-in-Residence at Brown University’s Nelson Center for Entrepreneurship, providing mentorship and guidance to students, graduates and staff seeking to launch high growth/impact startups. He is a board member of various organizations, including the Papitto Opportunity Connection Foundation and the Red Cross of Rhode Island.

With a keen interest in blockchain technology, Milhouse has been in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin since 2011 and wrote his first BitScript application in 2012. Mr. Milhouse is the co-founder of DropOpolois, which will be the first Web3 NFT platform to launch out of Rhode Island. In 2017 and 2018, he ideated, co-organized and co-ran the Brooklyn Blockchain Hackathon series in New York.. In 2024, his company will also launch Silicon Warriors, a web 3.0 and blockchain-based, decentralized global eSports league.

Milhouse is known for his public speaking engagements and has delivered talks at TEDx, Google, universities, and other events around the nation. He is also recognized for his contributions to STEM education through initiatives like IntraCity Geeks and has been officially recognized by former President Barack Obama. Milhouse’s diverse background includes a mix of technology careers, entrepreneurship ventures, and a passion for chess, golf, and world history.

Vincent J. Bono, Board Director, Vice Chairman

Vincent J. Bono is a seasoned entrepreneur in the technology and telecommunications industries with 25+ years of experience. As an industrial engineer, Mr. Bono utilizes technology to address real-world challenges. In the late 90s, he held positions as a programmer and division director for General Electric and the US Naval Surface Warfare Center. Later, he ventured into the telecommunications sector, establishing and selling a small Internet Service Provider in Northern Virginia to GE.

Returning to Boston, Mr. Bono served as Vice President of Engineering and Operations at a national CLEC. He oversaw the expansion of a provider network, increasing the service coverage from 9 cities in seven states to over 200 metropolitan calling areas in 17 states. Additionally, he managed the construction and operation of 2,000,000 square feet of colocation and datacenter space, along with 3,000 miles of fiber optic cable.

In the Boston area, Mr. Bono successfully founded and sold two technology startups. He later relocated to Rhode Island, where he established a Private Passenger Railroad and Signal Safety Technology Company, focusing on advancing railroad signal and safety systems. Additionally, he founded Cryptillian Payment Systems, a provider of cryptocurrency payment and merchant service solutions. Currently, Mr. Bono holds the positions of President and CTO in both organizations

André Herrera, Vice President, Board Director

Mr, Herrera is a government professional with 6 years of experience working at both the municipal and federal level. He is currently pursuing a master’s degree at Boston College, where he is furthering his education and expertise in the field of political science. André is particularly interested in the application of blockchain technology to improve governance and has been exploring this area in his academic research. With his extensive background in civil service and his focus on emerging technologies, André is poised to be an influential leader in the public sector.

Kyle Delgado, Treasurer

Mr. Delgado has a background in Project Management and Government funding, having worked for the City of Providence for 5 years.

He is an avid supporter of blockchain technology and its potential reshape the future of finance. His main interest in the blockchain space is the Bitcoin network as a store of value and hedge against the inflation of the USD, as well as Ethereum’s versatile network through use of NFT’s, WEB 3 and Defi D’apps. He is passionate about educating everyday people to understand this evolving space. Turning technical, advanced information into accessible knowledge for the average user. Kyle believes through education and blockchain friendly legislation we hold the keys to mass adoption.

James Gannon, Board Director

James Gannon, uses software to build incredible product experiences for humankind. He is a Rhode Island native and alumnus of the University of Rhode Island’s International Engineering Program, where he graduated in 2020 with a dual degree in Electrical Engineering and Spanish.
Passionate about leveraging intelligent and distributed systems to unlock humanity’s greatest potential, James has worked as a Systems Security Engineer at Raytheon Technologies, co-founded a digital asset hedge fund, led the technical development at a mobile app startup, and delivered information-driven crypto research as a Layer 1 Blockchain Research Analyst at Messari. James is relentlessly inspired by the fusion of art and technology, he is a promoter of financial sovereignty, and deeply enjoys educating others on personal finance and the power of Web3.

Maxx D. Diaz, Board Director

Maxx D. Diaz is a Rhode Island native, is an investment professional with four years of experience in both the Public and Private sectors. Holding dual master’s degrees in finance and international business from Bentley University and Hult IBS, he has studied in four global cities, broadening his perspectives.
Maxx’s fascination with Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies began during the 2017 bull run, driving him to become a dedicated learner in the space. As an active Web3 user, he enjoys collaborating with like-minded individuals and helping others engage in the blockchain ecosystem. Maxx firmly believes in the liberating power of Bitcoin and the transparency and efficiency of blockchain technology, which can solve many real-world problems. Passionate about pushing the education of this revolutionary technology, Maxx’s goal is to push the financial world forward by empowering future leaders to challenge and reshape governments, economies, and societies worldwide. Maxx firmly believes that blockchain technology has the power to unleash the world’s potential and foster a future that is more connected, fair, and equitable.

Greg Molinar, Secretary

Gregory Molinar is a passionate advocate for blockchain technology and its potential to drive innovation and positive change. With a background in entrepreneurship, nonprofit management, and marketing, Gregory co-founded Stay Bizze, a company at the forefront of blockchain and AI-powered digital business cards. Under his leadership as CEO, Stay Bizze is poised to revolutionize professional networking and sustainability in the digital age.

Gregory’s commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility aligns with his role as a blockchain enthusiast. He is dedicated to exploring the ways blockchain technology can contribute to a more eco-friendly and efficient future.

As the Secretary of The Rhode Island Blockchain Council, Gregory brings his entrepreneurial spirit and expertise in blockchain technology to support the council’s mission of fostering blockchain innovation in Rhode Island. His experience and vision contribute to the council’s efforts to drive blockchain adoption and explore its diverse applications across industries.

With a strong belief in the power of collaboration and technology to shape the future, Gregory Molinar is dedicated to advancing blockchain initiatives and making a lasting impact on the technology landscape in Rhode Island and beyond.

RIBC Roadmap

Phase 1 (2023):

  • Establish a board of directors, draft by-laws, formulate a mission statement, develop a website, and obtain registration as a 501(c)(6) organization with the Internal Revenue Service
  • Collaborate with other blockchain councils to enhance lucidity and fortify state laws and definitions concerning blockchain technology and crypto assets
  • Plan and execute an event in July with the objective of promoting comprehension of this technology
  • Forge partnerships with other organizations to further the education of this technology
  • Secure funding through sponsorships from local businesses and grant programs, as well as through membership dues
  • Membership fees are as follows: First-year members pay $50, and subsequent years cost $100. Corporate sponsors are charged $1,000, while students pay $15
  • Benefits of membership include opportunities to shape the future of the blockchain industry, access to exclusive insights and knowledge sharing opportunities, collaboration and networking with leading experts, businesses, and innovators in the blockchain field, and participation in industry events and conferences
  • RIBC has attended several prestigious conferences in 2023, including the Boston Blockchain Summit, DC Blockchain Summit, ETH Denver, and BTC Miami
  • RIBC has also been a part of The Future of Finance (Millennial Rhode Island and CFA) conference, participated as a panelist
  • RIBC is a member of the US Blockchain Coalition, connecting more than 40 states/territories to help regulate blockchain technology across the country
  • RIBC is part of a five-state subcommittee working to consolidate all known governmental/enterprise use cases of blockchain technology to present to regulators, promoting growth in the local, regional, and nationwide areas
  • We will be part of a consortium comprising multiple eastern states seeking to collaborate on changing state definitions of blockchain technology, promoting greater cohesiveness in the industry
  • RIBC is also involved in the creation of student-led organizations as RIBC subsidiaries at local universities

Phase 2 (2023 – 2024):

  • Engage in efforts to assist in the development and promotion of blockchain-related legislation
  • Our objective is to attract blockchain companies to Rhode Island and facilitate the development of programs to incubate this emerging sector
  • Generate revenue through sponsorships from local businesses and grant programs, as well as through membership dues
  • Forge partnerships with other organizations to further the education of this technology
  • Offer scholarships to students pursuing a career in technology
  • Cover the cost of certifications for exceptional individuals
  • RIBC is also involved in the creation of student-led organizations as RIBC subsidiaries at local universities

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